Earthoria P39: Eco Yoga Park, Argentina This podcast was recorded over the three weeks I spent volunteering at an Eco Yoga Park near General Rodriguez, 60km west of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Run by Hare Krishna devotees, and known by its other name Nueva Vrindavan, the Eco Yoga Park proved to be a wonderful break after nearly 8 months on the road.  At only US $12 a day for food accommodation and yoga and meditation classes, it was also great value.

Show notes

As it's a longer podcast than normal, I thought I'd include a summary of contents with approximate timings:

0-7 mins - Introduction, temple sounds, why I came to the Eco Yoga Park
7-9 mins - Temple Service sounds
9-19 mins - Interview with Svayam, a Hare Krishna Monk/Devotee
19-21 - Hatha Yoga session
21-29 - Tour of the Eco Yoga Park grounds
29-39 - Inteview with Jameson & Laura, two volunteers
39-44 - Sounds, music....
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Earthoria P38: Bolivia In this Podcast from Bolivia I head from Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca (birthplace of the Incas) to La Paz, the capital (and highest capital city in the world), where I go on a mountain biking trip down the most dangerous road in the world - the Death road. Finally, I head to Potosi (highest city in the world), then onto the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in the south of Bolivia.
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Earthoria P37: South Peru - Lake Titicaca, Cusco, Machu Picchu Podcast I made on a gringo trail tour of Southern Peru taking in the Colca Canyon, Puno, Lake Titicaca and the floating islands, before making my way to Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and finally - Machu Picchu - the awe inspiring ancient Inca citadel.
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Visit for the photos and videos

This podcast is part one of a series of two podcasts I’ll be making in Southern Peru, and it begins in Lima in the Plaza de Armas. I then head down underground into the catacombs of Monasterio de San Francisco - the old cemetery of Lima - and resting place of an awful lot of bones. I then head to the coast at Miraflores, and to the super cool Larco Mar bar complex.

The following day is museum day, with trips to Museo Larco Rafael Herrera - home to 50,000 pre-Colombian pots, and a fabulous and famous collection of erotic ceramics, and later on to the ‘main’ museum in Lima - Museo de la Nacion.

Following Lima, I get a bus 9 hours south to Nazca and take a rollercoaster flight over the Nazca lines, then head on another 10 hours South to the beautiful Colonial town (and UNESCO World Heritage Site) of Arequipa 2300m up in the Andes where I visit some frozen 500 year old Incan ice mummies in Museo Santuarios Andinos, and finish the podcast in the incredible 16th century ‘citadel’ Monasterio de Santa Catalina.

This podcast will be followed by another podcast from Southern Peru in the next couple of weeks covering the Colca Canyon, Puno, Lake Titicaca, and Cusco, followed by a long stay helping to develop an Eco-yoga community in the Sacred Valley outside Cusco, where I hope to finally get a chance to learn and practice yoga, and also learn about eco-building and organic cultivation.
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This podcast covers Northern Peru, starting at Chiclayo I head out on a tour to the 1500 year old Moche ruins at Sipán. Following this, I head three hours down the coast to the town of Trujillo, where I visit the Chimu city of Chan Chan, the largest Adobe (mud) city in the World and around 1300AD home to 60,000 people.

Just outside Trujillo, and near to Chan Chan are the Huacas (sacred places) of the sun and moon - Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Sol. These structures are also Moche adobe pyramids from about 800AD, and Huaca del Sol is the largest single pre-Colombian structure in Peru - built from an estimated 140 million adobe bricks.

I finish the podcast in Huanchaco, 12km north of Trujillo. Huanchaco is a fishing town of about 12,000 inhabitants, that has now become well known thanks to three things - its reed fishing boats, its lovely beach and its fabulous surfing.


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Cuenca is a UNESCO World Heritage city, founded in 1557 by the Spanish, about 10 hours south of Quito in Ecuador. I chose to study here following my Spanish studies in Guatemala as Guatemala and Ecuador are the cheapest places to study, and with the 'cleanest' spoken Spanish in Latin America.
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Join us on another travel podcast as we head south from Popayan and the San Augustin Valley of the Statues in Colombia down to Ipiales on the border with Ecuador and the miracle center of Santuario de Las Lajas. Following Colombia, we head to the famous indigeous artisans and livestock markets at Otavalo in the Ecuadorian Andes, listen to some indigenous bands, and finish the podcast off in Quito, the old colonial capital of Ecuador.
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We made this podcast on a 6 day boat trip upriver from Manaus in the Amazonas region of Brazil, to Tabatinga, on the Peruvian / Brazilian border.

In the podcast we discuss how to find a boat in Manaus (Brazil), the costs of river boat travel, hammocks Vs. cabins, being a vegetarian onboard (and general food options), and the risk of malaria and using anti-malarials like Larium. We also report live after our boat suffered a break down and started drifting downstream out of control!

Visit Earthoria Travel Podcasts to see photos and videos of this river boat trip.
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Podcast made on our tour of Los Llanos in Venezuela, one of the most ecologically rich areas on earth. Listen to the sounds of the Los Llanos wildlife by night, audio includes piranha fish jumping from the river at night.
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Founded by the Spanish in 1533, Cartagena is Colombia’s and possibly Latin America’s finest Colonial city, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Shortly after it was founded it became the main Spanish port on the Caribbean coast, and was used to store gold and other treasure plundered from the Indians before it was transported back to Spain.

In this podcast we discuss finding accommodation in Cartagena, we record the sounds of the old town at night, and finish off with a discussion sitting on top of Castillo San Filipe – the largest Spanish fort built in the Americas.

Earthoria Travel Podcasts
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Podcast made from Panama City Old town and the Panama Canal at Miraflores lock. Join Thomas and Tina in month 4 of their Latin America travels & listen to the sounds of Panama...

In this podcast you will hear the sounds of the docks, a street musician, some street performers, the Panama Canal and we discuss some of the ‘personal security’ issues you need to be aware of if you decide to visit Panama City (following the robberies of two friends in a week).
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Isla de Ometepe and San Juan del Sur are two of the emerging tourist destinations in Nicaragua. We begin this podcast with sounds from the trip between Granada and Isla de Ometepe by boat, and finish up on the beach in San Juan del Sur via Maderas volcano & the jungle.
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Granada and Leon in Nicaragua and two of the oldest and most beautiful colonial cities in Nicaragua and Central America. Join Tom and Tina on a tour of Granada - listen to the sounds of the market, a town centre parade, and a chat on the shores of Lago de Nicaragua.
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