Join us on another travel podcast as we head south from Popayan and the San Augustin Valley of the Statues in Colombia down to Ipiales on the border with Ecuador and the miracle center of Santuario de Las Lajas. Following Colombia, we head to the famous indigeous artisans and livestock markets at Otavalo in the Ecuadorian Andes, listen to some indigenous bands, and finish the podcast off in Quito, the old colonial capital of Ecuador.
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We made this podcast on a 6 day boat trip upriver from Manaus in the Amazonas region of Brazil, to Tabatinga, on the Peruvian / Brazilian border.

In the podcast we discuss how to find a boat in Manaus (Brazil), the costs of river boat travel, hammocks Vs. cabins, being a vegetarian onboard (and general food options), and the risk of malaria and using anti-malarials like Larium. We also report live after our boat suffered a break down and started drifting downstream out of control!

Visit Earthoria Travel Podcasts to see photos and videos of this river boat trip.
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Podcast made on our tour of Los Llanos in Venezuela, one of the most ecologically rich areas on earth. Listen to the sounds of the Los Llanos wildlife by night, audio includes piranha fish jumping from the river at night.
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Founded by the Spanish in 1533, Cartagena is Colombia’s and possibly Latin America’s finest Colonial city, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Shortly after it was founded it became the main Spanish port on the Caribbean coast, and was used to store gold and other treasure plundered from the Indians before it was transported back to Spain.

In this podcast we discuss finding accommodation in Cartagena, we record the sounds of the old town at night, and finish off with a discussion sitting on top of Castillo San Filipe – the largest Spanish fort built in the Americas.

Earthoria Travel Podcasts
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Podcast made from Panama City Old town and the Panama Canal at Miraflores lock. Join Thomas and Tina in month 4 of their Latin America travels & listen to the sounds of Panama...

In this podcast you will hear the sounds of the docks, a street musician, some street performers, the Panama Canal and we discuss some of the ‘personal security’ issues you need to be aware of if you decide to visit Panama City (following the robberies of two friends in a week).
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